Liz by greg dillon

Liz Springer is a soulful Wammie-nominated vocalist (and native Washingtonian!) who is able to pour every ounce of herself into a song.

Her warm and sultry voice is well accompanied by Jay Feldman on bass and Keith Grimes on guitar. 

The Liz Springer Trio brings a variety of cover songs to your venue in a way that is specifically geared toward dynamics. This makes the trio perfect for smaller rooms or venues that have dinner crowds and/or volume concerns but still wish for that special ambiance that live music brings.

From Blues to Soul to Jazz and Roots Rock favorites, the Liz Springer Trio is an excellent choice for restaurants, listening rooms, vineyards and private parties where the music adds ambiance, but never overpowers your guests. 

Peace. Love. Music.

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Brookeville Beer Farm

Brookeville Beer Farm, 20315 Georgia Avenue, Brookeville, MD 20833

3:00 - 6:00 PM

Join us at this cool new spot in Montgomery County!

Not far from Olney and easily accessible via Georgia Avenue, The Brookeville Beer Farm is Montgomery County's newest farm-brewery.

The establishment represents an intersection of sustainable farming and brewing practices. The crops from their farm fuel the brewery and the excess ingredients from the brewery are recycled onto the farm.

There is usually a food truck on site if you want to nosh while enjoying music on the lovely outdoor patio (or in the tasting room depending on weather).

This is a perfect spot for an afternoon/early evening out.