"Oh my God that Lady can sing!" ~ Chris B.


Liz Springer is a Wammie-nominated vocalist (and native Washingtonian) who is able to give life to a song's lyrics and convey their emotion in a soulful way that truly reaches an audience.

Her warm and sultry voice is well accompanied by the fabulous players that join her in either a duo or trio configuration: Keith Grimes (Guitar), Jay Feldman (Bass), Joel Newman (Guitar), and Dave Ziebarth (Guitar). 

From Blues to Pop to Jazz and Roots Rock favorites, Liz's song selections evoke a sense of nostalgia, fun, and sass. They are delivered with a depth of emotion that will move you (as music should). Liz will often hear an audience member exclaim "Oh, I love this one!" about various songs throughout a set. 

The music delivered by Liz Springer and her players is an excellent choice for restaurants, listening rooms, vineyards, breweries and private parties where the music adds ambiance yet never overpowers listeners.

Give our demos a listen, and reach out to us for a booking today. We would love to work with you.

Peace. Love. Music.  

Photo by Lance Binkley

Photo by Lance Binkley

Photo by Renee Ruggles

Photo by Renee Ruggles

Photo by David Cohen

Photo by David Cohen

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Previous events


Liz Springer Trio @ Dietle's (Rockville)

 —  —

Hank Dietle's Tavern, 11010 Rockville Pike, Rockville, MD

5:30 - 7PM Join us for HAPPY HOUR at Hank Dietle's Tavern in Rockville. Yay! Situated on the Pike (across from what used to be White Flint Mall), Dietle's is becoming a hot spot of music since it's re-opening and we totally understand why: The vibe here is super friendly, the new interior bright and warm, and the folks really love music. So come on over, grab a cold beer (or wine or soda if you prefer) and a sandwich and kick back to the music. No cover, but tips are encouraged. Proof of vaccination is required to enter Dietle's. We hope to see you there!